I AM whole, perfect and complete

Full circleOne day before the launch of my book The Master’s Compass  last week in Berkelouw Books & Cafe Hornsby, someone told me: ‘Just being in your presence makes me wanting to be a better person‘.

This sentence touched my heart and my soul, and I realised: Read More

2015 Year of the Equilateral Triangle

the Master's compassWhat has the old year given?

In 2015, alongside happiness, friendship and true love, I experienced sickness and loss, despair and grief, tension, stress and fatigue. I would focus within my heart and listen to what it would tell me, rather than following the panicky feelings of the moment, Read More

4 Step Meditation to Self-Control

While in Europe the days are getting shorter and darker, here in Australia we receive more and more light from the sun until the solstice on the 21st of December. They are supposed to be happy days, the longer ones in the sun. They aren’t always that happy though. Personally I’ve been challenged in the past weeks, and as I spoke about this with some people close enough to me, I noticed that I was not alone in going through some tough stuff.  Read More

Quick Coherence® – Feeling Great in Just One Minute

Feeling Great
If you want, you can feel great in just one minute. HeartMath Institute developed a technique called Quick Coherence®* that is easy and quick to use. The only thing you need to use this technique successfully, is your desire to feel better. Read More

Stress-Relief and Healthy Sleep: Return to the Heart

To skip the story and to go to the solution at once, you can scroll to the last alinea: Quick Coherence.

Neglecting the heart

During my recent vacation in The Netherlands and Spain I hardly had time to breathe. Read More

Within Every Right Desire Is The Power Of Its Fulfilment

You have a desire. You wish for your desire to be fulfilled. But after its fulfilment, what happens? Do you think beyond the point of fulfilment? Do you think about what the fulfilment of a desire may mean to others? Read More

Am I Stressed or Is This Normal?

In a high paced world feeling stressed may have become normal. You may not remember when you last felt relaxed and at ease.

What are the symptoms of being stressed? Stress can be recognised by checking a couple of things, such as: Read More


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