The Master’s Compass

3D3THE MASTER’S COMPASS  A Journey Beyond Thoughts and Feelings Into the Heart of Power, Wisdom and Love

Life’s fulfilment draws on three qualities within your heart. Mastering the art of harnessing these qualities, and using the heart as a compass, are the keys.

The Master’s Compass is intended to inspire you to cut through negative thoughts and emotions, to unleash your full potential and – by drawing great power, love and wisdom from within your heart – enhance your decision-making skills.
Interwoven with the practical tips is the journey of a tour guide with a rare compass. Illustrated by its author, Miriam Aziz, The Master’s Compass provides an engaging ‘light read’ about ‘heavy stuff’.
The Master’s Compass helps you navigate through the storms of change, stress, confusion and crisis that the world is dealing with – guiding you to clarity, resilience, inner calm and fulfilment.

Miriam Aziz-van Keulen is an international Life Coach. Of Dutch ancestry, Miriam moved to Sydney, Australia toward the end of 2009. In The Master’s Compass Miriam brings together her passion for writing, drawing and coaching.

‘Mastering the art of using the heart as a compass will take us one step closer to making heaven on earth.’

To purchase The Master’s Compass please go here

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