My Perfect Sunday

How can I convey the peace and quiet of a well spent Sunday to a Blog post? I need letters, words and filled space to try to share with you some kind of emptiness in and on which there are no letters and words, and where there’s only a sense of spaciousness.

My perfect Sunday is very spacious. Not only in the sense of having room to move, but also having no plans, no obligations, no appointments – not even nice ones. Space – emptiness, nothingness … Anything could happen, yet most likely nothing much will happen. Wonderful.

My range will be very small on my perfect Sunday. I’ll move between the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, deck, garden and a little piece of bush behind the house. I don’t go far. The only person I interact with is my husband, who on his perfect Sunday won’t say much and won’t disturb the silence in the spaciousness.

I hear birds, the creek, neighbors mowing their lawns, more birds, people chatting as they walk the bushtrail past my garden fence, and more birds. But mostly, I hear the vast silence on and in which all the sounds appear. The temperature is perfect – between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius, with a gentle breeze that stirs the leaves on the trees. The flowers colour my view, red, white, pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow and green. But mostly, I see the vast emptiness on and in which all movement, shapes and colours appear.

Appreciation in the present moment
I feel very fortunate. The perfect Sunday is like a long meditation. There is peace, quiet joy, love, appreciation and creativity. I will change something here and there on a website, I might write an email or two, and then I make myself a cup of tea again and look out over the garden … What a life. This day seems to last forever.

I’m completely in the moment and this day indeed seems to last forever. Nothing else exists. Nothing else matters. Everything and everyone else will matter again tomorrow. Tomorrow is still very far away. This moment lasts forever. I love it, and I’m grateful.

The infinite present moment
And although tomorrow will be a very different day to today, I will love it too, and I’ll be grateful again, tomorrow.


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