I live in Canberra now. I love it. The streets are wide. The air is fresh. The landscape is natural. The colours are brown, grey, green and light blue. My village is small. I went grocery shopping yesterday and was loving the smaller scale of everything here, compared to Sydney.

In the weeks leading up to the move, there were not many people who shared my enthusiasm for the new adventure. Only some people got it.

Asking for directions just the other day, a woman expressed how Canberra to her is the best kept secret in the world. It might be to me, too. So I won’t go on about how in Canberra I find the perfect combination of a village-like feel and an international ambiance. I won’t say much about how there is still space here for good things to unfold and happen. I will keep quiet, to help keep the secret.

The picture is taken at Lake George, on the left hand side right before Canberra, driving from Sydney. The light above Lake George is breathtakingly beautiful. The sky is grand and mysterious. Driving through it, it seems as if you enter another world, a parallel universe.

This is where you can find me now – in this parallel universe where heaven is so close to earth you can almost touch it.

Happy unfolding!

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