Graduated! Diploma of Human Resources Management, check!

The day before yesterday I received the news: ‘Congratulations on completing your Diploma of Human Resources Management!’

23 months before I had commenced the online, nationally accredited course, believing I would finish it within a year. In May 2015 I had a couple of coaching clients, leaving me plenty of time to study quickly and finish assessments fast. By the end of that year life threw something at me that forced me into taking on a full time job. Studying was reduced to the occasional evening, and the weekends.

But here we are, almost two years after enrollment, a month before my deadline: I have finished! This is what my trainer writes: ‘It has been an absolute pleasure to receive your work – your assessments have been consistently of the highest standard. You should be really proud of the effort you have put in – your work is a testament to your dedication and professionalism.’

I feel proud indeed. It hasn’t been easy to understand the HR language in English. It took time to learn to express myself in new words. I feel proud that I’ve managed to do it – to learn a whole new English, beside the ins and outs of HR management, and HR services. As a new Australian with English as second language, it takes extra effort and time to complete such a course, and yet I did.

This is what I learnt:

Human Resources Management (BSB50615)

  • Recruiting and inducting
    • Manage human resources services (BSBHRM501)
    • Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes (BSBHRM506)
  • Understanding the workforce
    • Manage workforce planning (BSBHRM513)
    • Manage employee relations (BSBWRK510)
  • Assessing the workforce
    • Review human resource functions (BSBHRM404)
    • Develop and manage performance management processes (BSBHRM512)
  • Compensating, terminating, and protecting
    • Manage remuneration employee benefits (BSBHRM505)
    • Manage separation or termination (BSBHRM507)
    • Implement & monitor WHS policies, procedures, and programs to meet legislative requirements (BSBWHS401)

It’s been great and I’ve enjoyed the learning process; to develop my skills, knowledge and understanding is a wonderful thing. I will never stop studying, learning, challenging myself and setting new goals. Next on my agenda is specialising in Performance Management. I believe I can best use my coaching and counselling skills in that area.

To be continued …


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