Restore Balance between Doing and Being in 3 Steps

I have been Doing a lot lately. I managed a relocation from Sydney to Canberra in March. I furnished a new house. I’ve familiarised myself with a new environment. I have studied hard to finish a HR Management course in April.

I was in the Doing for a long time.

This week I graduated. My course is completed. Also, the house is finished – all the boxes are unpacked. This is the time to allow myself to stop Doing, and to simply Be. But I’m finding it hard to unwind and relax. My body and my mind are still running, although I would really want to take a break.

After I got the news that I graduated, I went out celebrating: drinking hot chocolate at Koko Black’s, buying fantasy books that had been on my list for over a year, and a piece of jewellery. In celebrating in this way, I was still Doing.

Step 1: Establish the current situation
I feel funny because my goal has been achieved and I’m not sure what to do next. I’m trying to relax and enjoy the achievement but my mind is running forwards to new goals and other things that I have to achieve at some point. I know that celebrating is important. I did the presents-for-myself-stuff. I did this, I did that – I’ve been so busy it’s hard to stop being busy … I feel stuck in the Doing. It’s time to stop Doing and start Being.

Keeping the balance between Doing and Being is very important for anyone’s well-being – in life and work performance. Also for mine. So this is my time now, to simply Be – a time for ‘sitting quietly, doing nothing’. Let me forget about next goals. Let me Be still and reconnect with the vertical stream.

Step 2: Remember the knowledge
The vertical stream is the connection between heaven and earth, God and man, in the present moment – nothing else. The vertical stream is absolute; no doubts, no thoughts and feelings other than trust, surrender, and inner Knowing. Here the Being takes place.

The horizontal stream is the connection from moment to moment; the time-line, filled with activities, goals, past, present, future, thoughts and feelings, worries, problems and solutions, movement, aging – life. Here the Doing takes place.

Dominantly living in one more than in the other, causes physical, mental and emotional problems. We have to keep the balance. When we Do a bit too much, we must Be a little more. When we only Are, we need to Do a little more.

‘The Cross of Purpose’, Copyright 2014 Miriam van Keulen

(The two streams can be seen as lines. These lines meet, forming a cross. This cross has to be balanced. I call it: the Cross of Purpose, because on it, you can live on purpose. Living life while constantly residing in a space – consciousness – where Doing meets Being and vice versa, allows for life’s fulfilment. I talk more about this in my book The Master’s Compass.)

Step 3: Practice the knowledge
I acknowledge I am a little stuck in the Doing. The last thing I have to Do for now, is to sit myself in a chair, and allow myself to simply Be. I am going to finish this post, and I am going to sit quietly, and Do nothing. What I’m going to Do, is un-Do. I will effortlessly allow my consciousness to Be aware of the vertical stream. I will Be in the present moment, with attention only for the God-man connection. I will allow myself to rest as the peace that I Am. I will rest. And in the quiet I may receive a new purpose, a new goal, but I won’t action it for now. I will only Be that which I Am.

Here I go; bye for now!

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