2018 Year of Authenticity

What has this year had in store for you? What are 2018’s highlights when you look back? What do you want to take with you into 2019? What do you choose to leave behind?

2018 was a great year for me. From the start of it, I joined the Human Resources team at CARE Australia. Halfway through it, I let go of my business for life coaching, Sun Coaching. The business owner and counsellor/life coach that I had been for eleven years, became an employee in a humanitarian aid organisation to be proud of. In the second half of the year, I became a vegetarian after swimming with fishes at the Great Barrier Reef. I gave up alcohol, too. Toward the end of this year, I committed to praying every day. And finally, I announced my diminished use of Facebook, and deleted my Twitter and Google+ accounts.

2018 was about getting real, and getting me. I stopped doing things that don’t suit me. I began doing things that suit me. I got a lot more authentic.

2018 was a cleanse. Life has become better. I’m on a journey to make it better still. There is more to let go of, and more to add. The only constant in life is change. I embrace it. I’ve let go of the fear for change. I’ve let go of the uncomfortable-ness of uncertainty. I’ve strengthened my relationship with the divine, or the “O” as I call God in my book The Master’s Compass.

2018 was the year in which the “O” in answer to my question to please release me from my fears, in return asked: “How can you be scared when you believe in Me?”
Fear and belief don’t go together. “Where love is, there cannot be fear,” is an expression I heard many years ago but I hadn’t made the connection with God’s love until this year. I will never ever have to be afraid of anything again.

The more I strip me of what doesn’t belong with me; the more I commit to what belongs with me and to what I belong with, the more empowered I feel; the stronger I am. This is the treasure that 2018 turned out to have in store for me.

Thank you, 2018!

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