Last night, in a dream, I was given a word. HeartSing.

I clearly dreamed about a person who sat with me and gave me this word for something in particular. It was a light filled dream. Only I can’t remember what it was that is to be named HeartSing.

It was very important and during the course of the day the dream wouldn’t leave me. I kept remembering: I have to name something HeartSing. Having forgotten the something, I decided to rename my Blog and Facebook page.

With the word, I was given an assignment – focus on what makes your heart sing. I may have misunderstood the dream and I’m sure I interpreted it slightly different to how I dreamt it. As I forgot a part of the assignment, I will at least do what I remember, and focus on what makes my heart sing. This  makes my heart sing already.

Waking up this morning, my heart was filled with joy. And now that I have actioned my dream’s inspiration, I feel this joy again. I can  hear my heart sing. I feel blessed.

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