ma-75My full name is Miriam Aziz-van Keulen. I am Dutch by birth and Australian by choice. I love people, writing and art.


I am studying for the Diploma Human Resources Management with the Open Training Institute. I am hoping to combine my Life Coaching skills with Human Resources and to specialise in Performance Management. I want to lead those difficult conversations with employees who are underperforming. I want to explore ways for improvement and to achieve each person’s best possible work outcome.

I will complete my HRM studies in April 2017. If you want to have me on board, please contact me. My creativity and my ability to quickly understand and support people from all walks of life, combined with my passion for learning and being of service, may make me a great addition to your HR team.


Miriam was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1992. Whilst working solo in her studio as a painter, Miriam had various jobs on the side in which supporting other people always played a central role. She built a wealth of work experience in the artistic field, in education and healthcare.

In 1998 Miriam began the move from Fine Arts to Life Coaching with the commencement of studies in Art Therapy.

It was a natural step for Miriam to apply for the Dutch Academy for Counselling and Coaching. She received the Diploma Academic Counsellor and Coach in 2008 and the Diploma Specialist Counsellor and Coach in 2010. Miriam completed Coach Level 1 of The Sedona Method® in 2009 and Coach Level 2 of The Sedona Method® in 2011.

Late 2009: Arrives in Australia
2010: Establishes Life Coaching business Sun Coaching in Australia

2013: Writes and illustrates first book The Master’s Compass
2015: Becomes Australian citizen and commences studies Human Resources Management

Miriam’s life is about learning and developing, enjoying the wonders of life, and being of service. Get in touch with Miriam today to have a chat. She will be delighted to hear from you!

You can find Miriam’s full professional profile on LinkedIn.

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