I admire the fascinating beauty of minerals and crystals, and I believe in and benefit from their medicinal properties. Green and turquoise coloured stones, for instance, contain copper. You may just lack a bit of copper in your body. Through the skin, this element may be absorbed making you feel better.

Together with essential oils, crystals can enrich your life, improve your performance and add a touch of magic to your days that put a spring in your step.

But don’t take it from me – try it yourself! I’m biased and subjective where it comes to oils and stones because I love them so.

Where essential oils are volatile and interact with the olfactory system, stones are solid and work with the sense of touch and sight. Both can work on the skin though, and when we wear natural perfumes and genuine jewellery, this influences our health.

A book on crystals and gemstones I consult the most, is The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

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