Favourite Pic Makes More Resilient

When I returned to looking at my two computer screens for at least six hours per working day after a holiday in Far North Queensland, I wanted to keep the peace and calm of the holidays with me, and not get caught up in, and overwhelmed by the massive workload that awaited me.

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I live in Canberra now. I love it. The streets are wide. The air is fresh. The landscape is natural. The colours are brown, grey, green and light blue. My village is small. I went grocery shopping yesterday and was loving the smaller scale of everything here, compared to Sydney.

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My Perfect Sunday

Spaciousness How can I convey the peace and quiet of a well spent Sunday to a Blog post? I need letters, words and filled space to try to share with you some kind of emptiness in and on which there are no letters and words, and where there’s only a sense of spaciousness.

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