Five Helpers to Remain Calm

“How do you manage to remain calm?” asked a colleague the other day. I have various tools for coping with what challenges me. I write about them here so you may find ideas for strengthening your ability to remain calm when challenged, too.

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A drawing a day keeps the doctor away

Professionally caring for the well-being of others, I consciously have to action caring for myself. Early this month I began a little project: for my own well-being, I make a drawing a day. I relax when I draw. For thirty minutes to an hour, I focus on shape and colour; on emptiness and space. Drawing […]

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My Perfect Sunday

Spaciousness How can I convey the peace and quiet of a well spent Sunday to a Blog post? I need letters, words and filled space to try to share with you some kind of emptiness in and on which there are no letters and words, and where there’s only a sense of spaciousness.

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