‘Working with Miriam has been a life changing experience. My life has been transformed from being confused and without direction, to one where peace and contentment reign. The anxiety and unhappiness that was once a constant companion has been replaced with self confidence and an enthusiasm for life that I once thought was beyond me.
I started to feel the benefits from the very first session, and with each new session I quickly progressed towards my goals. Miriam was very perceptive and provided me with just the right amount of guidance to allow me to find my own truths. She provided me with some very simple, yet extremely effective tools which allowed me to discover the answers for myself, but she was always there to offer support when I got stuck or was feeling unsure. I had face to face and online sessions with Miriam and found both to be effective.
I really didn’t know what to expect when I first made contact with Miriam. I was so unhappy in my working life and confused about where my life was heading. I was just looking for a little clarity so that I could make a decision about my career path. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to undergo such a profound transformation across all aspects of my life, and I certainly didn’t believe that achieving this kind of transformation would be as easy as it has  turned out to be.
Miriam has accompanied me on this journey with professionalism, respect, acceptance, and a wonderful sense of humour. She is calm and centred and conducts herself with integrity. Just being in her presence has a positive effect. I highly recommend Miriam to anyone looking for a coach, or who is unhappy with their present life situation and would like a more meaningful and satisfying life.’
– Woman, Orange, Australia

‘With a patient and loving coach by my side I took on the challenge of feeling and letting go of the emotional burden of my past. Such a process requires professional guidance, which is what Miriam provided. I never, for not even a moment, felt unsafe, lost or alone. By letting go of what was, I discovered what is! Dear Miriam, I  thank you sincerely for your help, love and guidance throughout my process.’
– Woman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

‘My deepest gratitude to you dear Miriam, for imprinting in me the “mantra” “welcome and let go”. I can’t deny it any longer, you haven’t allowed me to lead you astray … It has brought tranquillity and “being”.’
– Man, Sydney, Australia

‘When Miriam started coaching sessions with me I was in quite a turbulent emotional situation. She used her skills and techniques in a loving and kind way. She is very professional and a good listener and she had an instant intuition of where I was at. My issue when I started was job and money, but gradually it became clear that the most important issue was my relationship with myself as well as resistance to the situation. She helped me to ask in to beliefs about myself, she helped me to unravel negative thoughts and feelings I held about myself, she asked me questions that helped me to not only open up my mind but also my heart. And she was persistent when I reverted to old ways of thinking. She got me to look at my life situation in a whole new way, which has brought a tremendous amount of acceptance into my life.
My journey is ongoing, but I have got a wonderful sense of peace and calm thanks to the support from Miriam. I am so grateful for the sessions with Miriam. She is a woman with integrity and warmth and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help to change their life or to have a better relationship with themselves.’
– Woman, Esbjerg, Denmark

‘I feel grateful in this phase of my life, after much struggling, battle and grief, to having found the way inside, to my heart, and to be able to feel with my heart again. I had cut off this way a long time ago because back then it had felt too painful. Together with Miriam I went on a journey. I received her loving, objective attention, her e-mails that I treasure, her patience; lots of patience and her trust, which all felt very safe and warm.
I can now let go of the veil-of-fear of negative thinking although it is still there. But being aware of that now, I know what to do. I imagine the “sea” taking that veil with her; the endless “sea”, crystal clear… My blood pressure is much lower, I don’t take pills anymore and the palpitations are less. At times my heart still flutters but that doesn’t scare me now. Yes, I am moving towards a future with a beautifully coloured horizon. I do see myself continuing my journey carrying balance, peace and confidence in my rucksack, and handkerchiefs too for the tears that still flow in abundance. Miriam says that tears irrigate the new that wants to grow and carefully begins to manifest itself tenderly, clearly and with good intent.’
– Woman, The Hague, The Netherlands

‘I have enjoyed to be coached by Miriam. I find her brilliant in her job; a wise woman with a loving heart. Because of the series of 6 sessions that I’ve done with her and because of The Sedona Method that we made use of, I am now treating myself, my emotions, feelings, my body and thoughts in a different way: nicer and gentler. The specific issues that I worked with were: resistance to the things I had to do, the need to control anything and everything and always looking for approval. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to work with Miriam.’
– Woman, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

‘Miriam helped me to see myself in a different light. Her approach was calm and gentle, allowing me to open up where in the past I had been unable to do so. She is a very focused professional yet very relaxed in her manner with a quick laugh at times like friends sharing a joke. I enjoyed being in her presence and even though our sessions were online, I could really feel her energy. I found her to be very perceptive especially when my mind wandered or got sidetracked by negative thoughts. She is also very knowledgeable as to the right amount of guidance. She coached me through the process of releasing some of the pent up anger and array of emotions that have caused me to distance myself from my life. Not only during our sessions, also by means of email. She is loving and caring in her support and made sure I knew that she was and still is just an email away. Miriam facilitated the uncovering of some truths that were buried deep within me. She made me see the bigger picture and though my journey is far from over, she taught me how to let go, with loving patience, over and over and over again. Many of the things she said and pointed out resonated deep within me and remain valuable tools.’
– Woman, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

‘Miriam, Thank You!!, you have opened my eyes and changed my life. I spent months on online sessions with Miriam who helped me understand how lost I was. I was searching for happiness, my career was doing well, my marriage was doing extremely well, I lived in a nice penthouse apartment in the world’s most livable city. If you looked at my life it seemed amazing except for one thing, I was never truly happy, I couldn’t find that place where I felt I was happy, a place I belonged, a place I could be me. What a silly thing to look for happiness, thru my sessions with Miriam and some truly amazing practice what you preach examples I discovered that I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t changing things for me to be happy. I wasn’t allowing myself to let go and be what I wanted to be.
Those sessions with Miriam changed my life! A few months of analysis and conversations over the internet with Miriam is exactly what I needed, I started to find myself unplugging my life. I left my very successful corporate life, moved to a new state to a place I have only seen on the internet, started up my own company working from home with my beautiful wife making the most out of every day and loving every second of it.  Miriam, words cannot express the clarity you have showed me and my life is simply amazing now. I wake up happy 2 hours before I should every day just because it feels good to. I found things out about myself I never knew, things I didn’t want to know and things I thought were not important. Thank you for helping me find the path to my new life. It’s like winning the ultimate lottery but only better.’
– Man, Sunshine Coast, Australia

‘I highly recommend Miriam, she is really wonderful & extremely compassionate and professional. I think she is excellent with emotional release techniques, I had six sessions, to release a massive emotional blockage. Changed my life.’
– Woman, Sydney, Australia

‘It gave me a new direction in which to look at various issues/problems. Getting an impartial person to provide professional opinions on how to look at issues has been really helpful. I can now much better focus my attention on my desires and also follow what I desire.’
– Man, Johannesburg, South Africa

‘Miriam is very good at coaching by telephone, which is extremely helpful when one is in a situation where you can’t physically go to a coach for sessions. I did not miss the physical contact for a moment, which could have been rather different had it not been for Miriam’s skills and personality. Miriam has a warm and sympathetic voice and easily coaches you through the exercises, also on phone sessions. I also appreciated the fact that she likes to be emailed before the session, so she is up-to-date on the current situation, which saves a lot of time during the session for more in-depth work. I would recommend Miriam’s coaching at all times.’
– Woman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

‘I can say I was almost destined to meet Miriam. I was actually looking for something else when I suddenly landed on her website. It immediately caught my attention, as I felt quite unstable, stuck and a bit lost at this stage of my life. I had weekly face-to-face sessions for three months and then some online ones via telephone. With her impressive analysing skills, a sense for details, and her empathy, she comprehended my situation very quickly. She helped me to find my way back to my inner trust and thus sharpen my life targets again. It is now easier for me to understand myself and some according behaviour patterns. Miriam created a great balance between talking and using some methods like the Sedona method. After a couple of sessions already, I was able to use the tools in my daily life. With this support, it is easier to recognise critical situations and to remind myself of what I’ve learned. Miriam is very honest and trustworthy, so communication with her was totally upfront. At the same time she is humorous, which was quite refreshing now and then. The atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable. This calmed me down from the first minute on. With Miriam’s loving as well as professional approach and the way in which she asks her questions, it was soon possible to find the answers myself. I now know again what I want in my life and attract those things. I found an inner stability and trust in myself again. Thank you very much Miriam!’
– Woman, Karlsruhe, Germany

‘Miriam’s efficient, quiet, loving approach and the clear way in which she introduced the Sedona method and taught me how to use it, have brought me back to myself, to my core, in a short period of time (what’s six months on a lifetime?!). Since the sessions with Miriam I daily experience how easy it is to be present in the here-and-now using the Sedona method. I effortlessly let go of old seemingly entrenched patterns and emotions. I now fully enjoy being here! Many thanks dear Miriam.’
– Woman, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

‘I have been coached by Miriam for about six months. At the beginning I didn’t have any expectations in terms of results. But as our coaching relationship was developing I found myself less anxious and more peaceful. Miriam’s accepting attitude worked motivating and reassuring. I learned to let go of things and thoughts that were not beneficial for me. Miriam showed me how I can be more successful by just accepting and loving myself for who I actually am. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her, with her relaxing attitude, accountability and focused mind! I would definitely recommend coaching with Miriam to those who want to be in a better relationship with themselves, achieve their goals faster, and find contentment and inner peace.’
– Woman, Sydney, Australia

‘I found Miriam to be very warm and understanding. It was wonderful to be in her presence and the techniques she taught me meant I left each session calm and relaxed.’
– Man, Sydney, Australia

‘I was lost within myself until I received guidance from Miriam. I was looking for personal direction and Miriam was able to “turn the light on” inside me. The self awareness that I was able to receive allowed me to develop an understanding and clarity which I had not thought possible. A weight has been lifted and I am able to see my life in a new light. I am able to let go of that which I am troubled by. I am able to pursue goals with a new found confidence. I am surprised at my transformation and am looking forward to further self discovery and the journey beyond.’
– Man, Sydney, Australia

‘I felt instantly at ease with Miriam. She is warm, charming, caring and also a lot of fun. She obviously enjoys helping people. All of these characteristics mean that she is a great person to seek guidance from if life is throwing some challenges in your direction. When I met Miriam, I felt stressed, anxious and lacking focus and direction in my life. I was dissatisfied. Using her particular techniques and approaches, Miriam enabled me to let go of the anxiety and stress. Bingo – like magic – my life turned around! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone or to seek her help again if I need it.’
– Woman, Sydney, Australia

‘From September 2009 till March 2010 Miriam acted as my Life Coach. Till October we had weekly face-to-face sessions. From November till March these were weekly or bi-weekly virtual sessions via telephone. In many ways it was truly an extraordinary experience. A journey, often with a natural flowing ease, and at times challenging, however always with great results. When I met Miriam at our first session, my life seemed chaotic, complicated and not very real. My marriage sustained big pressure. My work was hectic and under personal scrutiny while I had already decided to move forward to something that is closer to my heart; helping other people. Still, the main challenge at the time was to bring balance in my head and heart. Actually, I wanted to explore my true self, the core of my being, and deep-dive into who I really was. In this first session Miriam took me on a simple, however profound journey. It seemed a superficial exploration of my thoughts and feelings, however at the same time my very first experience of releasing. After this first session I felt enlightened. I felt at ease, completely relaxed, and had an unusual clarity. I was dumbfounded. Mostly because of the simplicity of the exercise, and the immediate result. “This can’t be true!”, I said to Miriam. “It can’t be this simple”. Well, it was. And it still is. On this amazing journey Miriam was exceptional kind, but firm. She seemed nimble and persistent at the same time, guiding me gently through the chaos of my thoughts and emotions, and going deeper, through the dark forest of my beliefs and wants. She overcame the challenge to go beyond my subtle, intricate survival strategies and at the same time obliged me to face them as well, relentless however prudent. At every single moment on this journey, I felt comfortable and secure. I am truly impressed by Miriam’s integrity and authenticity, her kindness and clarity, and her focus, love and care. I can only hope that what Miriam did for me, and the person and coach she is, I can do the same for other people, with love, care, clarity and integrity.’
– Man, The Hague, The Netherlands

‘I have consulted Miriam to obtain some structure in my private and professional life and to find specific goals. I always enjoyed the sessions with her. Her empathy and objectivity has made it easy for me to open up and she has a remarkable ability to filter out critical concerns and underlying issues so that I have learned much more about myself. Thanks to Miriam and her approach, that is for example the Sedona method, I have found ways to release destructive feelings, to reflect on my way of thinking and to relax. I would always consult her again.’
– Woman, Sydney, Australia

‘I’m impressed by her clarity and serenity, and her loving approach. She has helped me to go to the core of my emotional problem. The heaviness of it wouldn’t scare her off, to the contrary she continuously followed in a tranquil, loving and attentive way, until my “storm” calmed down. And all of this happened over the phone, even from Sydney. Thank you, dear Miriam.’
– Woman, Haarlem, The Netherlands

‘I experienced Miriam’s approach as being very professional and sound. Besides she radiates an enormous tranquillity. She listens with sincere attention, and she succeeds to perfectly point the heart of the matter. She helped me to see my mission in life, and to “live” it, too.’
– Woman, Maastricht, The Netherlands

‘Miriam is both professional and tranquil: I felt very much at ease with her and I instantly “knew” that everything would turn out right. I had (and still have) great benefit of exercises from the Sedona Method. The changes I experience in my insights, concerning my life and vital questions, are enormous! Miriam, thank you!’
– Woman, Voorburg, The Netherlands

‘Miriam is well able to distill relevant matters out of a long story. She gave me another view at issues where I got stuck, which made me able to “move” again. She gave me new ways to handle situations where I first felt unpleasant. Through her way of working, and by keeping in touch via email throughout the program, I felt that I stood not alone.’
– Woman, Lelystad, The Netherlands

‘The fact that our sessions were possible via VoIP Skype telephone even with a time difference of 6 hours, has been a real advantage.To work with a counsellor from my own home in this convenient way, made my experience even more positive. I very much appreciate that with the Sedona method you can constructively get started right away, and no complicated psycho-analysis is needed. The first immediate positive result was that after each session I felt more at peace and less worried. The second positive result was that I could immediately use the Sedona Method whenever, wherever an uneasy feeling would pop up, without anyone noticing. Miriam’s way of listening, her approach and way of putting her questions, both in English and Dutch, are certainly to be recommended.’
– Man, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

‘Miriam has given me enormous support during a very difficult time in my life. I feel she has always helped me in exactly the right way. Especially, the possibility of doing this online was perfect for me.’
– Woman, Las Vegas, USA

‘Miriam has a pleasant tranquillity. She knows exactly how to help in finding bottlenecks and points them out at the right moment. She works straight to the point.’
– Man, Almere, The Netherlands

‘I trusted her completely. With her help I have (partly) really changed!’
– Woman, Utrecht, The Netherlands

‘I went to Miriam because I was haunted by a memory of the past. Unfailingly she pointed out the sore spot, which already solved a great part of the problem. Through the use of the “Sedona Method” she helped me to get rid of my blockade. I can fully enjoy life again. Thanks Miriam…!’
– Man, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

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